standard WordPress Tutorial – Insert Slideshow into Header

How to insert a slideshow into the header of your WordPress site using Meta Slider.



  1. Hi, I have tried this method but slider got disappeared when theme got updated. Is there any way to keep this slider by using child theme because, child can keep all the changes forever and doesn't get effected if parent theme get update?????

  2. does this still work. I have a free wordpress blog. WOuld this still work. When I download the slider on my computer it does not work. Nothing shows up on wordpress. WHy?

  3. Hi Candy,

    Meta Slider Pro is not required to create slideshows. There's a small grey "+" button, you need to click that to create your first slideshow. Since posting this video I've added a little prompt to highlight the button.

  4. Meta Slider pluggin did not upload; it said to purchase Meta Slider Pro 🙁 for $19. Which I would not do as I'm trying to find a pluggin that actually works .. disappointed ..

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