standard All In One SEO Pack Plugin for WordPress – Tutorial – Get the robust premium version of this plugin! – Get the free version (the version…



  1. Thanks a lot of these concepts still apply to the latest version of SEO pack. There were a few new things like the exclude page, which is useful I saw on another video, will use that instead of the robots.txt in the future.

  2. First plug-in that you recommend, that all in one SEO pack that fucked up my site,
    all of a sudden, i now have two home buttons, with one a page home format, and the other one is a blogpost.. i have no idea how to get rid of the the post, if i delete the page, my menu is botched up, delete and i can't get rid of the blogpost.. thanks a buch for your awesome recemmendation there pal.

  3. You are absolutely right. I also want to mention that I am a video marketer and i use youtube for web traffic and this video was very helpful for me thanks. I'd recommend that all of you go to my channel on youtube to find out more about how i operate to the benefit of my business (how to boost your traffic, revenue, youtube views, etc..). to your success!!!

  4. Hello great video.

    I used this to get my description listed on google's SERP, and it worked.

    Problem is, right before the description, it said '5 days ago' – how can I get the plugin to remove this? Please excuse my ignorance.


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